AppleCore - Tangled Wires and Cords are Wrapped and Clutter is Zapped

How many gadgets do you have in your life? Maybe you have headphones, cell phone chargers, Ipods, MP3 players, computers, TVs, printers, lamps and cable boxes to name a few. Have you ever found yourself drowning in electric cords? Because all of the above and so many other gadgets you have need to be plugged somewhere. And just because you can plug them doesn't mean that the wires don't get tangled. Time to get the tangle away from the tangles with AppleCore™. AppleCore comes in three sizes. The large size is great for home entertainment, kitchen and bathroom appliances. The medium size works well with computers, printers and lamps. The small size is perfect for cell phone chargers, Ipods, and telephone cords. So untangle your life. Reduce the clutter and keep your desks and entertainment centers neat and tangle free. Enjoy the extra space freed up from tangled wires and cords. With every kit you get four large, four medium and four small size AppleCores. Perfect organizers in this age of technology. No more hassles, and no more having to untangle the mess from dealing with so many cords in your house. So don’t get your wires crossed, get them wrapped—around AppleCore that is. Turn them around and around, then lock them tight. Your clutter will be clean because you struck at the core of your mess. Use the links below to find the best offer on AppleCore™.
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