Windshield Wonder - Reviews Say the Wipers in this Cleaner Will Work to Clean the Inside of Your Car Window.

Everyone wants a sparkling clean car, but it's so much trouble to reach and stretch to clean the inside of the front windshield. No matter how hard you try, you just can't get every inch and it streaks and spots – why even bother? You need Windshield Wonder™, the revolutionary new cleaner that makes it a cinch to reach every inch. The secret to Windshield Wonder is a unique microfiber bonnet attached to a pivoting head, ergonomic handle that lets you clean your entire windshield without moving from the seat – no streaks and splatters, and you don't even need window cleaner because the Windshield Wonder uses plain tap water! Simply slide the microfiber wipers over the pivoting head and effortlessly wipe away dust and dirt from the inside of your car's windshield – the move on to the side windows, back window, mirrors, moon roof, and everywhere else. Best of all, WindshieldWonder can also be used to clean inside your home – windows, mirrors, dining tables, buffets, shower doors, refrigerator tops, dusting, and more – without any bending or reaching. Just listen to these Windshield Wonder reviews: “There's no question that when you detail a car, the inside windshield is the toughest part,” says auto detailer Josh W. “But now that we use Windshield Wonder, it's easy!” Windshield Wonder comes complete with two microfiber bonnets, the pivoting head ergonomic handle, a microfiber towel, a spray bottle for water, and a convenient storage pouch. Stop straining to get the most sparkling car in the neighborhood...clean your windshields quick and easy with Windshield Wonder. Use the links below to find the best offer on Windshield Wonder™.
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