Banjo 006 Minnow - This Fishing Lure System Catches More Fish. Reviews Prove this Kit Beats Other Fishing Lures

Slay the fish and get the biggest catch of the day the next time you head out to your favorite fishing hole with the Banjo 006 Minnow® fishing lure system - the only kit on the market with lures that look and perform exactly like real minnows. Join the thousands of reviews that agree - you'll never catch fish easier than with the Banjo 006 Minnow from creator Wayne Hockmeyer. This complete 110 piece fishing lure system includes the patented minnows in 6 colors and 3 different sizes. The secret to these high-performance lures is in their design: First, the Bajo Minnow lures are covered with highly-iridescent, holographic flash foil that looks exactly like a real minnow. Second, the Bajow Minnow engineered with swim cuts that perfectly duplicate the swimming motion of minnows. Last, the BanjoMinnow lures are designed so that any fisherman - from child to expert - can precisely control the lures for fishing success anywhere. As seen on, this unique system allows you to use your hands on boat or shore to easily make your lure mimic the movements of swimming, struggling, or dying minnows - which in turns triggers a genetic reaction from your target fish. In short, they'll bit these lures. This complete kit also includes glow-in-the-dark firefly minow lures so you can fish at night, in deep water, and in the shadows with success. Each Banjo 006 Minnow also has detachable eyes in different colors and weights so you can fish different depths, and has a unique hook system so you can change lures in a snap without ever having to cut your line. Don't waste your time on gimmicky lures that don't do the trick. This is the same Banjo006Minnow seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with Babe Winkelman, Ken Kerry, and Wayne Hockmeyer. Get the only lure system in existence that perfectly replicates the appearance and movements of real live minnows - and puts you in control. Use the links below to find the best deal on Banjo 006 Minnow®.
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