Instant Fisherman - Reviews Prove this Portable Compact Telescopic Fishing Rod Kit Lets You Catch Fish Anywhere, Any Time.

Fish anywhere, any time, and for any fish with the new and improved Instant Fisherman®! This amazing portable fishing rod can be stored anywhere - in the glove box, behind the seat, in the tackle box, in a golf bag, in a suitcase, and just about anywhere else - and still has the rugged durability of professional rods so you can land the big one. Using the Instant Fisherman is as easy as 1, 2, 3: simply pull the hinged handle and rod out until they snap into place, then pull the telescoping rod out until you have a full-sized fishing pole! As seen on TV and endorsed by hundreds of rave reviews, the compact Instant Fisherman kit incorporates a revolutionary design not seen in even the most expensive professional rods - an innovative slide rod adjustment that turns one pole into three! Just put the slide rod in the low position for a heavy-duty pole that can handle the big fish; in the middle position it's a medium-action rod; and in the high position InstantFisherman is a light-action panfisherman's dream. The Instant Fisherman is comprised of professional-grade features like ceramic eye inserts that mean it qualifies for use in pro fishing tournaments, yet InstantFisherman is so easy to use even beginners and kids say it's their favorite fishing pole. Other fishing rods won't even fit in the car - the Instant Fisherman fits in the glovebox! Stop haggling with bulky, oversized equipment and start spending more time with your line in the water catching more fish with the Instant Fisherman today. Use the links below to find the best offer on Instant Fisherman®.
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