UGlu - The Glue That Sticks Permanently But is Configured Like an Adhesive

How many things do you glue? How many types of glue do you have at home? Do you have one for wood, another for plastics, a third for fabrics, a fourth for metals and a fifth for ceramics? Why get five when you can get one for all five of them, with UGlu®. UGlu does it all, only it does it much more easily. Liquid glue can drip but UGlu has the convenience of an adhesive, yet works like glue. Just grab a patch, stick it on something, then stick that something where you want it. You can do it with UGlu. Want a permanent bond? Uglu will attach to any surface permanently. It is waterproof, safe for children, and perfect for home repairs. And with the convenience of UGlu, even mom or the kids can do handyman jobs like reattaching a loose vinyl tile on the floor, or add crown molding to a room. Crafts are easier to do with UGlu too. Make a picture frame or do a school project or just have fun spending an afternoon scrap booking. UGlu will help you too. The UGlu kit includes a 75 piece variety pack and a power patch. So what’s next? UGlu. Use the links below to find the best offer on UGlu®.
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