Auto Cool - Solar Powered Fan Will Work to Keep the Air Cool in Your Car. AutoCool As Seen On TV.

Love to go places in the summer but hate the sweltering heat when you return to your car? Get Auto Cool™ today and forget about hot seats, window controls, dashboards and steering wheels forever. Auto Cool's ingenious design turns the sun's powerful heat into a sensational chill, cooling your car while you're shopping, at the beach, jogging or just sitting at home. With AutoCool, you just hop in the car and go! As seen on tv, Auto Cool is a compact solar powered device that you simply place on top of your car window. Roll the window up, and Auto Cool does the rest. The AutoCool solar panels collect the sun's energy and power a micro ventilation system that cools your car with a powerful fan and sucks hot air out through its vent. Always be cool and comfortable when you get in your car. You're probably wondering, does auto cool work? Yes! Just use it once during the humid, hot and torturous dog days of summer and you'll agree with Daniel: "I live in my car in between my personal life and my work life," she says. "I don't have time to wait for my car to cool off - I need to get in it and go, and Auto Cool is fantastic! It draws all of the hot air out of my car." Cruise cool and comfortably with Auto Cool. Use the links below to find the best deal on Auto Cool™.
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