Bra Baby - A Protective Shell With Ergonomic Flow Through Design So Bras Are Kept In Shape As They Wash

It is not just the cost of having to buy a new bra after every 50 washes or so. It is also the trouble of having your favorite bra lose its shape after getting out of the washing machine. Traditionally, bras are simply thrown into the machine and left to wash, then tossed into the dryer. With the Bra Baby™ your bras are given the care that preserves it shape even after 50 washes. The Bra Baby has an inner egg where you snap your bra shut then case the cups around each side of the egg. Next, cover the Bra Baby with the outer egg. The flow through design allows the soap and water to clean your bra as it is tossed in the washer. At the same time, the Bra Baby protects your bra from getting stuck into parts of the washer. Now you can be spared the cost of having to buy new bras because your old ones have lost their shape early in the game. Plus, your favorite bras will last longer too. Or even if you could afford to buy a lot of bras, thanks to the Bra Baby you can indulge in your most expensive bras and know that they will get protective care even as they are cleaned. So when you wear your bra you can tell yourself, 'That is one cool bra. Baby.' Use the links below to find the best offer on Bra Baby™
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