Citywide Mortgage Corp - Get a Great Fixed Rate on a First Home Loan or Equity Refinance from this USMAC Corporation Company

Citywide Mortgage Corp, a USMAC corporation company, is a lender that can OK your loan. Citywide Mortgage Corp/USMAC offers a full level of financial lending services, including ARM, fixed rate mortgages, HELOC, refinance, auto loans, credit cards. If you have bad credit, USMAC/Citywide Mortgage Corporation can even help your loan servicing by reducing your debt payments. You may have seen reviews of the available mortage loan programs on the City wide commercial/infomercial on TV. Review the Citywide Mortgage Corp offerings, including a 50-year loan and a “Fresh Start Loan” that can help repair your credit, even if banks have denied your application. Citywide Mortgage Corporation is an Equal Housing Lender and a USMAC company in Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.
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