Clever Clasp - Magnetic Jewelry Clasps Work to Fasten Easily. Get a Special Double Offer of the Magnet Clever Clasps.

Stop relying on others to clasp your necklaces and bracelets with Clever Clasp™, the magnetic automatic jewelry clasper that makes putting on your elegant charms a snap. If you're tired of fumbling with jewelry because of long nails, difficulty seeing what you're doing, or mobility issues, you need Clever Clasp to help you look graceful without having to ask for help. The CleverClasp design is ingenious yet simple: Simply clip two powerful magnet attachments to each side of your jewelry clasp and snap them on! The magnetic force pulls the claps together for a strong hold - in fact, the super strength magnets are guaranteed to never slip. You're probably wondering, does Clever Clasp work? Of course it does -- using the most basic and proven scientific principle of magnetism, Clever Clasp will never fail to keep your favorite jewelery in place. And because there are magnets at work, Clever Clasp will never lose its holding power. As seen on tv, Clever Clasp is strong enough to hold even your heaviest necklaces. CleverClasp comes in gold or silver to fit any jewelry selection, and usually ships in sets of 4. Order today, and we'll also send a free 3 inch extender chain to help make your jewelry more comfortable. Even better, if you order right now we'll double your order - absolutely free! That's 8 Clever Clasps and 2 extender chains. Better hurry, because you won't find this deluxe offer in retail stores. Use the links below to find the best offer of Clever Clasp™
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