Cold Fire - The Penultimate Fire Extinguisher That Sucks The Heat Out Of Flames

Cold Fire™ is a better way to deal with fires, making it a state of the art fire extinguisher. Some may think Cold Fire is a contradiction in and of itself. But this plant-based chemical does indeed make fires cold. Cold Fire does this by undergoing an endothermic reaction whenever there is the presence of heat. Cold Fire responds by pulling the heat out of a fire. It is so thorough that it will even encapsulate the fuel source, so that additional burning is prevented. Cold Fire is truly the firefighter's dream, and the best fire extinguisher available. The question may seem belabored when you understand what Cold Fire does. Nevertheless we shall ask it - why use Cold Fire? For starters, it is a UL listed wetting agent for Class A and B fires. Also, it is EPA-SNAP listed. Cold Fire is also viewed as an acceptable substitute to toxic foams and Halon 1211, because it is non toxic. This product is also non corrosive. It can be dumped directly into the booster tank, no need to flush out lines. Cold Fire is also biodegradable. Cold Fire also prevents fires from reigniting when it is applied properly, and reduces the density of hydrocarbon smoke. It does not leave any slippery residue behind and there is no messy clean up with Cold Fire, too. Finally, it is economical because of its indefinite shelf life. Use the links below to find the best offer on Cold Fire™.
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