Convert-a-Classic VHS TO DVD - This Equipment and Software is the Best Way to Transfer and Copy Your VHS Tapes to DVD

With The Convert-a-Classic VHS to DVD manufactured by Emerson Electronics you can now copy and transfer your valuable videos from VHS to DVD. With this fantastic equipment and machine you don't need to worry about the wear and tear because it can make a back up convert of your VHS into your computer. It is an amazing equipment to use especially if you have a video camera and you want to copy your videos and make a DVD out of it. It is so easy to use, just simply connect one end to the back of your old VCR or video camera and the other end to your computer. Just press the button to start and press it again to stop. With Convert - a - Classic you can go from your old videotape to your computer in a matter of seconds. This machine and equipment works well with all types of tape formats. Name it: VHS, Digital 8, Mini DVD and others, Convert-a-Classic will transfer and copy these videos and it will be excellently done. Now you can share all those wonderful memories with your family. You can now give each one of them a nicely made DVD copy. Use the links below to find the best offer of Convert-a-Classic VHS to DVD.
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