Couch Coozy - Try these Steady Couch Cup Holder Inserts. Easily and Steadily Mounts Between Your Couch Cushions.

With the incredible Couch Coozy™ you donít need an armrest that has a cup holder.This outstanding product with inserts has an advantageous cushion cap holder that gives you the assurance that it won't spill. It mounts easily on any couch. This ingenious cup holder saves you the hassle of reaching out to your coffee table whenever you want a sip of your favorite beverage. No need to use armrests with cup holders that has no assurance against spills. You can just simply connect the fins and then slide it in. Doing this will avoid ugly round marks that will appear on your table which is so difficult to remove. Your drink is guaranteed to remain safe and well protected on your couch. It's easier to reach out for your favorite beverage while you are studying or just reading. Couch Coozy uses the innovative beverage leverage technology which assures you that your drink will not spill or tip off. This product is patented and it uses the astonishing pending technology. It has a mug handle slot with a no drip lip which guarantees your drink will not spill. Included with the Couch Coozy is an extra extender fin. With this impressive fin, you can slide your cup holder in to the deepest couches and your drinks will be safely protected from any turmoil that can happen. Use the links below to find the best deal on Couch Coozy™.
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