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Do you want to remodel your home or build a new home but can't justify the outlandish retail prices? Now you can save tens of thousands of dollars with Direct Buy®, the exclusive club that lets members skip expensive retail markups and buy directly from product manufacturers. As seen on and, Direct Buy is the most affordable way to get top-quality name brand home furnishings, remodeling and building supplies, home improvement wares, entertainment and outdoor furniture and accessories, and flooring solutions at true wholesales costs. Every product has two prices - the price the retailer charges (the one you see) and the price the retailer pays the manufacturer (the price you don't see). At a whopping 47.3%, the average retail markup forces you to pay for retail overhead like marketing, sales people, and additional profit. When you use your DirectBuy membership to buy directly from manufacturers, you can save as much as 50% off each purchase. You pay only what retailers pay! Founded over 35 years ago as a group to secure pure wholesale buying power, Direct Buy offers thousands of products from over 700 name brand manufacturers at over 130 store locations across America - so you can always find a showroom near you. With Direct Buy, you'll save more money than you will with your wholesale discount club or when you buy an offer online - whenever there's a middle man, you're wasting your money. Not with Direct Buy! Best of all, as a DirectBuy member you're still entitled to any product warranties so you get the same great service afforded to retail stores at a fraction of the price. One custom designed kitchen retails for $28,281 at major retailers, but the very same custom designed kitchen could be had for $18,177 through Direct Buy - a savings of $10,104! "Direct Buy allows us to be able to do things we wouldn't be able to do because we were just giving our money away to our retail store," says satified customer Ron Sellers. Use the links below to find the best offer of Direct Buy®.
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