Dolly Do It - Easily Carry Objects Up Stairs with this Ingenious Cart

Carrying heavy objects can already be very difficult, but having to bring said objects up stairs can be even more so. If you are looking for a product that will make it much easier for you to carry heavy objects up stairs, then Dolly Do It™ is the product to get. This may seem just like an ordinary carry cart at first glance, but this product actually has a number of features that makes it a truly useful tool. As seen on, the product features a 6-wheel design with 3 wheels on each flank of the cart and are arranged in a triangular pattern. On a flat surface, this ensures that the cart stays as stable as possible, as 4 wheels are always on the ground. When you reach a flight of stairs however, the two wheels touching the stairs will cause the wheel holders to rotate, effectively lifting the cart up the stairs in a smooth manner. This means that you will only need to exert a small amount of effort to carry heavy objects up. Also, the Dolly Do It features a lightweight frame that is sturdy as well so not only will the frame not add a lot of weight to what you are carrying, but you are guaranteed that this product will last you a long time of use as well. Use the links below to find the best offer on Dolly Do It™.
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