Dreamie - Reviews Of Users Say They Love This Blanket Cum Sleeping Bag

With Dreamie™ whenever you sleep you can feel the comfort and snugness of a happy cocoon. Dreamie is a cross between a blanket and a sleeping bag. That makes it perfectly convenient when you want to sleep on the couch or if you have guests or when you travel. It conveniently fits in your bag and is compact so it occupies minimal closet space. You can use it at home with your family, or if your child has friends over for a sleepover party. It is also useful when you have guests and saves time making beds. The Dreamie wraps your whole body from head to toe, no need to worry about cold feet. It also has a built in pillow pocket so there is no problem with pillows slipping and sliding. The Dreamie opens on one side so it is very easy to get in and out of. Many times people travel and they are wary of hotel bed sheets. But travelers can now bring their Dreamie with them. It is also great for campers, college students, and the like. People can also buy Dreamie in fleece, so there is a Dreamie for every season of the year. Reviews of Dreamie have been enthusiastic because this product keeps them snug as a bug, clean as they would want to be, and simply Dreamie. Use the links below to find the best offer on Dreamie™.
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