Dual Drill - Flip Head Makes Swtiching Between Bit and Driver Easy with the Cordless Battery-Power Mansfield DualDrill

Not since the invention of the cordless drill has the home improvement industry seen such a major advance as the Mansfield Dual Drill®, the revolutionary new way to drill holes and drive screws with patented grip and flip head technology. The Mansfield Dual Drill looks like a modern cordless drill driver you'd find at a major home improvement store, complete with ergonomic design and a powerful 18 volt battery - but that's where the similarities end. Unlike conventional cordless drill drivers that make you fumble with changing bits between drilling holes and driving screws (or worse, carrying two cordless drill drivers around), the Dual Drill's grip and flip head lets you put a drill bit on one end and a driver bit on the other end. When you're ready to switch, simply grip and flip the head in one smooth motion. Nothing is faster and easier. The Mansfield DualDrill Max isn't just about grip and flip head innovation; it's also engineered to be a professional cordless power tool loaded with features like keyless quick clamp chucks, 20 torque settings, and an 18 volt battery with a full 1700 milliamps of power for incredibly long battery life. Best of all, the Dual Drill comes with the Rapid Smart Charger battery charger that completely charges your Dual Drill battery in just one hour. When you harness the power of DualDrill, you'll never have to buy another battery for your drill driver. Get the powerful, quick-charging, cordless Dual Drill with convenient grip and flip head and start saving time, money, and hassles on your home improvement projects today. Use the links below to find the best offer on Dual Drill®.
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