Fab-Tastik - Innovative Adhesive Tapes Mend Up Your Clothes Easily. Finally Mending without Glue or Sewing!

Fab-Tastik™ is truly an advanced method to patch up any of your clothes. It is perfect in any emergency, like when a sudden rip happens in your pants. Using these incomparable adhesive tapes is so easy. and it can be done immediately. FabTastik is better than glue because it connects to the fabric quite tightly. It's ideal because you do not need to sew or iron your clothes. These adhesive tapes can replace any missing button. It's so practical to use because you can instantly adjust pant hems from heels to flats in quickly. It's ideal for picnics cause it can hold your table cloth in place. It's so handy that you can bring it with you. The other great thing about this product is that it is not messy and does not contain toxic elements like glue. You can use it on your best looking fabrics like silk, linen, wool and cashmere. With the magnificent Fab-Tastik, you won't need to go to the tailor for mending. It will save you precious time and money. This product has all the sizes you would need to take care of all of your immediate needs. It's the perfect mending accessory you need when trouble with your outfit strikes. Use the links below to find the best deal on Fab-Tastik™.

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