Fein MultiMaster - The Last Power Tool You'll Ever Need. Blades and Accessories Handle Sanding, Cutting, and So Much More.

Stop wasting money on professional power tools that are hard to handle, heavy, and inconvenient. Get the Fein MultiMaster™, the last power tool you'll ever have to buy. Manufactured by the world-renowned Fein power tool company for nearly 25 years, the Fein MultiMaster is in over a million homes and professional contractor work sites. That's because this commercial grade power tool tackles everything -- cabinet refinishing, drywall cutting, home remodeling, flooring replacement, and all the cutting, blades, sanding, and scraping associated with these projects. In fact, the Fien MultiMaster Home Remodeling and Renovation Kit easily replaces over $1,000 worth of professional grade power tools all in one convenient carrying case. But it doesn't work like those other tools - instead of spinning, it oscillates at 350 oscillations per second for a smooth, precise action that's safe. The Multi-Master kit is loaded with accessories like the E-Cut blade, which is perfect for cutting wood paneling, under door jambs, tight places and even plunge-cutting into wood up to 2 inches thick; the Grout blade for removing stubborn grout perfectly; the Rasp attachment to remove old thin set down to the backer board and strip old paint without cutting too deep; the Scraper to remove old linoleum flooring and caulking; a high speed steel saw for plunge-cutting into drywall; and two sanders - the detail sanding pad for tight places and the moldable profile sander. You can tackle over 100 tasks with this kit. The Fein MulitMaster Home Remodeling and Renovation Kit comes with the Fein MultiMaster and all the accessories to tackle all your home projects, all packed in a convenient carrying case. Also available is the Universal Vacuum Attachment, a tool that hooks up to most vacuums and eliminates the dust at your work site. Use the links below to find the best offer of Fein MultiMaster™
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