Flexi Brite - LED Powered Bright Light That Is Compact And Handy For Any Situation

Many times we find ourselves in a dark place when we could use a little light. It may be while camping at night, or when you want to read a book while your partner is fast asleep. Maybe you are looking for something under your car seat. At any rate, Flexi Brite™ is a very handy light in such occasion. Once you clip it on, your hands are free and this small contraption can be brought with you anywhere you want to go. And with Flexi Brite you donít just get a weak shimmer. You get ultra bright LED powered light that gives you a clear view of anything, anywhere. This light can even automatically shut off after 20 seconds, or you can click it twice for continuous light. Plus, it twists and bends easily so you can manipulate it in any direction you want, and in any tight space. The ultra-bright LED also stays cool and never burns out. But the benefits donít stop there. You also get a super strong hook and loop clip so that you can mount it on any surface. Flexi Brite also has a micro sized version light with a smaller neck for bigg. Use the links below to find the best offer on Flexi Brite™
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