Forearm Forklift - Lifting Straps Make Moving Furniture and Carrying Heavy Loads Easy. Get Extension and Grip Gloves as a FREE Bonus

Finally, you can lift heavy, bulky furnishings safely and easily with Forearm Forklift™, the revolutionary new way to carry heavy loads when moving or rearranging furniture at home, or even at the job site! Forearm Forklift replaces dollies and other clumsy moving devices that ding and dent your home and appliances with safe and efficient support. The secret to Forarm Forklift is in the power of your own forearms - they can safely support many times more weight than your hands and fingers. Using Forearm Forklift is a breeze - simply put the lifting straps under the item you need to move, cross them, insert your forearms in the lifting straps loops and lift. Forearm Forklift automatically forces your body to use the proper lifting technique and leverage for safe and easy lifting and moving. "Medically speaking, I would use Forearm Forklift because it's a safe device," says George Washington University graduate Dr. Raquel Sandford. "I would prefer my husband to lift furnishings with Forearm Forklift to protect his back." Builder Bruce Stevens says he uses them on work sites: "As a builder, moving things like bathtubs and drywall, I can't think of anything easier to use. And it lasts a long time!" Just one use and you'll see why over one million Forarm Forklifts have already sold - they're the safest and easiest way to move and maneuver large, heavy, and bulky items at home and at work. Also available with ForearmForklifts is a 3.5 foot extension for lifting and moving oversized items and Grip Gloves. Use the links below to find the best offer on Forearm Forklift™
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