Freedom Alert - A Pendant That Permits Senior Citizens And Others To Call Family, Friends, Doctor And 911 Anytime

With Freedom Alert®, one can enjoy living independently and feel safe while doing so. Living independently is something everyone enjoys whether very old or young. But as people age, or if one is in a challenging health situation regardless of age, independence can be compromised. It helpls then to have a device like Freedom Alert, so that even if you are an aging senior citizen, you still have the means to enjoy the best of both worlds. By wearing this pendant on your neck, you can easily do what you can’t always do with a phone—you merely need to push a button and access medical help. What a wonderful monitoring device. Now senior citizens can live independently, and in no fear. Freedom Alert can program up to four numbers, and each number is programmed to be called in sequence. You can upload the numbers of family, friends, doctor and 911 all at once. Or if you choose, simply call 911. The kit comes with a two-way, programmable pendant, base station, lanyard, belt clip, rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and an emergency back-up battery for the base station. There are no contracts, no monthly charges. Just one button safety protection. What's especially attractive about this system is that there are no contracts, no activation fees and no monthly fees. A single, one-time purchase gives you the ultimate personal emergency response system at your fingertips. It also has a test function mode so that every day you can make sure that it is working. This splash resistant product is recommended by doctors, healthcare providers and experts across North America. Use the links below to find the best offer on Freedom Alert®
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