GPS Pal - Universal Holder Fits Any GPS Brand in Your Car Cup Holder without Need for a Dash Mount

Having a GPS is handy, convenient and helps you to get around town. But the truth is that GPS systems in the car also make your vehicle a target for a break in. Even if you remove the system off the dash, thieves can see the mounting marks left behind and assume that your pricey system is somewhere in the car. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage in the process! The easy and ingenious way to protect your self has arrived. The GPS Pal™ is a universal cup holder mount that allows you to keep your system within perfect visibility for you; yet away from thieves and others. Rather than sitting on the dash, the GPS Pal fits snuggly into your cup holders and has a sturdy clipping device that will keep your GPS system safe, steady and out of the view of criminals. Even when you park your car; you won't be leaving behind clues that something valuable might be stored inside; because once your GPS system is removed it looks as plain as a cup of coffee! The cup holder storage device has been designed with a GPS system in mind and even comes with a compartment where you can conceal your charging cords. It is guaranteed to fit every car and GPS system and is customizable to suit your needs. Use the links below to find the best offer of GPS Pal™
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