Grabit - Easy to Use Damaged Screw Remover and Bolt Extractor Tools Come with a Lifetime Warranty

Have you even been frustrated by a stripped screw that just wouldn't turn out? How about broken bolt heads? Never worry about stripped screws or broken bolts again with Grabit™, the damaged screw remover and broken bolt extractor that promises to become one of your most valuable tools the very first time you use it. Grabit effortlessly removes stripped screws and broken bolts without marring the woodwork around them in under 10 seconds flat, no matter what shape they are: Phillips, flathead, flexhead, painted screws - Grab-it turns them in seconds. It's powerful, too - Grabit is such an efficient extractor it can remove damaged 4-inch-long deck screws out of hard deck wood, and you won't even break a sweat doing it. Grabit is easy to use - simply put the durable steel bit into any drill and use the cutting end to drill a perfect cone through the damaged screw or bolt. Next, turn the bit over and use the extracting end to easily pull the screw or bolt in under 10 seconds. You'll also get the complete Grabit damaged screw remover and bolt extractor kit, including four different Grabit bits for every size of screw or bolt. Grab-it is a great addition to your tools and makes for a great gift for the contractor, boater, mechanic, or do-it-yourselfer. Stop tirelessly straining to remove damaged hardware with Grabit. Use the links below to find the best deal on Grabit™
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