Greenlight Financial Services - Reverse Your Mortgage Troubles with an FHA Loan.

Do credit blemishes keep you from getting loans for owning your own home, or keep your adjustable mortgage inching up and up? Are you suffering from the backlash of unforeseeable circumstances that reverse your financial situation - like being laid off, sudden medical bills, or other financial hardships? You need Greenlight Financial Services, the company that wants to help you get back on your feet and successfully manage homeownership. "Unfortunately, because of the subprime fallout the vast majority of lenders are saying that credit scores count more than ever before," says Greenlight Financial Service's Dave Conway. "Whatever the situation, we look at the entire picture, and we're authorized by the federal government to offer FHA loans. We promise to make the whole process easy and simple." Backed and insured by the federal government, FHA loans are not related to credit scores, so no matter what caused your credit score fallout you can still qualify for home ownership or a better mortgage with Greenlight Financial Services - even if you've had a prior bankruptcy. These government-insured FHA loans require very little down payment and low interest rates so your mortgage payments stay manageable - no reverse mortgages here! In fact, the Greenlight Financial Services loan program was designed to help homeowners with an adjustable rate mortgage that keeps going up and up.
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