H2O Vac Turbo - Water Powered V H20 Vacuum.

Nature uses water to cleanse; you use water to cleanse your body. Doesn’t it make sense to clean your house with water power, too? Now you can with the H2O Vac Turbo vacuum, the only vac that uses the natural cleansing power of water to eliminate 99.97% of all dust, particles, dirt, and allergens in your home while purifying the air you breathe! It’ll refresh your home like the outdoors after a sweet summer shower! The V H2O Turbo vacuum represents the most innovative and advanced vac technology we’ve seen in the last 50 years with a built-in HEPA filter and wet vac, dry vac, water filtration and air purifying versatility. This amazing H2O Vac Turbo unit never clogs and never loses suction because it uses no bags or dirt traps to impede the vacuum air flow. Instead, suctioned dirt and grime are forced straight into the water chamber, which floods the dirt and traps nearly every single particle so it can’t escape. In fact, an Independent Laboratory study found that the V H2O Turbo is up to 313% more effective than all other traditional vacs! This powerful vacuum can pick up almost anything on any surface: pet hair on pillows, ground-in dirt on carpets, broken glass in shag, broken eggs on counters – and with the adjustable suction control you can clean your delicate materials like lampshades and curtains without having to worry about damaging them. What a timesaver! Clean-up is a breeze with the V H20 Turbo – simply empty the water, let the retractable cord reel itself in, and stow it in a closet. A low profile and wheeled base means cleaning the entire house is easier -- and more effective – than ever. Plus, you’ll never waste money buying bags again. As seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with Joe Fowler and Mimi Umidon. Use the links below to find the best deal on H2O Vac Turbo.
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