Handy Switch - Try this 2-for-1 Offer of the Remote Light Switch Box and Get a FREE Bonus. As Seen on TV with Billy Mays

Tired of always fumbling for the light switch in the dark, or stubbing your toes when crossing a dark room just to reach the light switch? Now you can put a light switch anywhere with Handy Switch™, the remote light switch that lets you control any lamp from the most convenient place for your home’s room layout. No tools are needed to install Handy Switch: Simply plug your chosen lamp into the base, and peel the back off the remote receiver and place it anywhere: On the wall, on the nightstand, in a child’s room for easy reaching, at the top of the stairs so you can turn the lights off without going downstairs, or even in your car so you can turn the lights on before going in your house. Wireless Handy Switch’s powerful radio frequency lets you control lamps up to 50 feet away. “With Handy Switch, the switch you need is always right in hand,” says famed promoter Billy Mays. The HandySwitch remote receiver box is battery operated, so you don’t even have to fool with dangerous wiring to use it – Handy Switch is fast, simple, and safe. If you buy now you’ll also get the Handy Stick Up Light, a compact-yet-powerful battery operated light that you can stick wherever you need extra light: A closet, under a cabinet, or anywhere else, absolutely free. Order right away and you’ll get double the order – that’s 2 Handy Switches, 2 remote receivers, and 2 Stick Up Lights for the price of 1. Make life more convenient, add security to your home, and spare your aching toes with HandySwitch now. Use the links below to find the best offer of Handy Switch™
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