Handybar - Compact Handle will Assist You Getting In and Out of Your Car or Auto.

Is getting in and out of your car, or other people's vehicles, a difficult chore because of an injury, your age, surgery, or disability? If you're handicapped in any way, you know how hard it can be to do simple things like getting in and out of the car. Tired of always having to ask people to assist you? That's why there's Handybar®, the revolutionary new tool that will help you get in and out of the auto with ease. Handy bar is a compact handle that you simply insert into your car door striker for leverage when climbing in and out. The Handybar handle is small enough to fit in a purse but sturdy enough to support your weight every time. Handy bar is the perfect gift for that special elderly person in your life. Handybar isn't just perfect for helping you get in and out of your auto, it's also great in a pinch with emergency features like a seat belt cutter and door window breaker - that's how strong Handybar is. Stop relying on others to assist you with embarrassing tasks, and stop struggling to get in and out of vehicles forever. Slide in and out of the car with ease with Handibar instead. Use the links below to find the best offer on Handybar®
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