Hug Light - The Hands Free Lighting Device That You Can Use Anywhere

Hug Light™ is a a superb hands free lighting device that you can use when you need it. This product is elastic and you can easily bend it to its desired form of usage. This is a practical lighting device to carry around.. This is the perfect lighting device to use when repairing any object in the house. It is easy to fit into any nook in your homes and you can twist it around to fit your purpose. The nice thing about this lighting device, is that it can stand on its own and you are free to work with both hands. The Hug Light has a grip pad that keeps this lighting tool in good shape when you bend it to form the letter U. After forming the letter U, you can hang it around your neck. It's the ideal lighting tool to have when you are working hands-free. It's so useful because you can focus it directly to wherever you want it. Each Hug Light features two powerfully LED lights on the ends. One LED light gives out a pinpointed beam, while the other lets out a wide beam. The Hug Light will function well as a reading light or ladies can use for knitting. This is an extraordinary lighting tool to have in your homes. Use the links below to find the best offer of Hug Light™.
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