Humana Gold Choice - Explore the Advantage of the Humana Health Insurance PFFS (Private-Fee-For-Service Plan) for Medicare, Drugs.

Finally, get your Medicare health insurance coverage and prescription drug coverage in one all-inclusive health care plan from Humana® Gold Choice. Humana Gold Choice health insurance is a PFFS (Private-Fee-For-Service-Plan) that has contracted with Medicare to offer all-in-one health and drug insurance with no or low monthly premiums. That means you get your prescription drugs along with Medicare health insurance coverage without having to have an expensive supplemental health insurance plan. All this with no deductibles and the freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals! As seen on and, with Humana Gold Choice, your doctor, specialist, and hospital visits all incur a pre-defined low flat fee, so you always know what it's going to cost in advance. Best of all, Humana Gold Choice covers preventative care like mammograms, prostate screens, and diabetes screens so you can actively stay on top of your health and prevent future illnesses. The benefits don't end there, either - Humana Gold Choice medical insurance even provides emergency coverage when you're traveling. Compare all of these great features to your current health insurance company, and it's easy to see the Humana Gold Choice advantage. If you want robust Medicare insurance with prescription drug coverage, the freedom to choose your health care providers, and no to little monthly fees and no deductible, you need to explore Humana Gold Choice. Compare Humana® Gold Choice with other medical insurance plans with FREE Health Insurance Quotes from
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