Hybrid Solar Lite - Solar Powered Flashlight With a 1-Watt 2X LED For a Full 10 Hours of Super Bright Light

The Hybrid Solar Lite™ is a flashlight that you can feel fully confident with in total darkness. This is because of its dual quality. It is first solar powered; and second, has a battery backup. So when the lights go out in an emergency, you will not just have light-but super bright light with a 1-watt 2X LED that has power to last for 10 hours, with just a single 8-hour charge. And this is possible without having to buy batteries. The Hybrid Solar Lite has specially designed solar panels that capture power from both the sun and room light, and stores it for later use. And since the Hybrid Solar Lite isn't reliant on batteries, it can be charged over and over again. Even better-it has a backup, namely a battery with a 7-year shelf life that can provide up to 50 hours of light. Indeed, you will never run out of light again. Other features: Once fully charged, the Solar Lite will hold that charge for more than 3 years, so you can feel safe storing it with your camping gear, or leaving it in a drawer for the opportune time. This flashlight is waterproof, floats, works under water, and is sealed so there is no corrosion. It can withstand extreme temperatures. So save money, saves the environment, and use the Hybrid Solar Lite. Use the links below to find the best offer on Hybrid Solar Lite™.
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