iScope - The Marvelous Flexible LED Flashlight That Is Magnetic and Extendable

Technology has really improved and this is so true for flashlights. The standard flashlight can do only so much and they are really heavy. Now, with the ingenious iScope™, you have a revolutionary flexible flashlight that is lightweight and you can carry it in your pocket. It's the state-of-the-art LED powered flexible flashlight. This powerful flashlight has three bright white LEDs that will surely give you impressive light where it's a bit dark or no light at all. Because it is rather small, it will fit in any bag without occupying much area. It is not bulky because iScope was made with a material known as rugged aluminum. This material is used in building aircraft carriers and it is quite sturdy. As seen on, it will definitely not break, even if run over by a car. It has an adjustable head that is extendable from its six inch size to over two feet in distance. This flexible flashlight can rotate its head for an entire three hundred sixty degrees. With this great feature, the light reaches difficult to reach places. Another wonderful feature, is that iScope has a magnetic head and rear. With this astonishing component you can pick up small pieces that have fallen down under your furniture and couches easily. Use the links below to find the best deal on iScope™.
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