Jawhorse - Get the Most from Your Tools with the Power of this Rockwell Workbench

Do you often need a second set of hands for your projects but don't want to call yet another friend over, or pay yet another employee just to hold your work still? You need the Jawhorse®, the revolutionary new workbench system by Rockwell that lets you do the work of two by yourself. With the Jawhorse, you'll never again need help setting fence posts, hanging doors, installing crown molding or leveling and mounting chair rail. You can even hang sheet rock with the Jawhorse! The secret to the Jawhorse system is in its high-tech engineering - the solid steel frame and one ton ratcheting clamp, combined with the fact that the Jawhorse has no easily-broken moving plastic parts, mean the Jawhorse is one of the strongest and stable portable workbench systems you'll ever use. It's easy to use, too - simply set it, lock it and clamp it. The Jawhorse gives you the freedom to work alone and saves time and money. Use it as a saw bench for miter saws, table saws and tile saws; as a vice for working with metal pipes and other difficult materials; to keep engine blocks secure; and to keep your materials stable and safe when working with power tools. And because the Rockwell Jawhorse folds up to neatly fit in a small closet, you can take it anywhere - on the job site, in the driveway, in the garage and even in your home or apartment. Unlike sawhorses that wobble and tip, the Jawhorse's extra-wide stance keeps it stable almost anywhere. And because it replaces a whole slew of saw stands, clamps, jigs and even an entire person, the Jawhorse will save you time, hassle and money every time you use it. The clamp opens to an amazing 37 inches and keeps your delicate projects neat and dent-free with its patented rubber grips; and the optional clamp extender lets you securely clamp plywood up to 48 inches. And if you're a welder, the optional welding attachment puts everything you need within reach and extremely stable for extraordinary precision - all with the Jawhorse. Whether you're a contractor on the go or have a lot of projects around the home, the Jawhorse is an investment you'll never regret. Save time. Save hassle. Save money. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Jawhorse®.
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