Knight Hawk Pen - Three Features In One Pen, Including a Magnifying Glass And A Light

The Knight Hawk Pen™ has three excellent features in one pen, and that makes it a perfect aide for your daily writing and living activities. First, the Knight Hawk Pen has a built in magnifying glass that can magnify fonts or type up to three times its size. Now you need not be embarrassed about reading a simple menu, and you can forego the reading glasses that make you look old. Instead, by turning the tip of the Knight Hawk Pen, you have a magnifying glass that can be used when reading the newspaper, or looking at labels on bottles. You can use the magnifier when you are looking through a telephone book, or trying to read the roads on a map. A second feature of the KnightHawk Pen is its LED light. With this light, you can read at night without disturbing your spouse's sleep. This Hi-Tech LED light is also useful when you can't find a flashlight in the dark. It can be used for even dimly lit areas of your home. Finally, the Knight Hawk Pen boasts of superior writing technology. The KnightHawk ballpoint is precise and glides smoothly on any writing surface, and it is easy to grip. This is not just any pen. With its 3-in-1 features, it lives up to its name-the Knight Hawk Pen. Use the links below to find the best offer on Knight Hawk Pen™.
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