Kreg Jig - Master Pocket Hole Drill System Creates a Perfect Wood Joint Without Glueing or Clamping.

Think you're a master wood worker? You haven't seen anything until you've tried the Kreg Jig®, already used by thousands of professional wood working shops nationwide. The Kreg Jig is the fastest, easiest way to create strong, perfect wood joints that last for years. Unlike dowel rods and biscuits, a Kreg Jig joint is created by simply drilling and driving - you're done! No clamping or glueing necessary. The secret to the powerful Kreg Jig system is in its ability to properly align the pocket hole at the wood's strongest point for maximum strength every time. From the novice to the pro, the Kreg Jig makes it easy to build book cases, shelving, storage bins, outdoor projects, chairs, tables and more. It's perfect for building, repairing and remodeling - all you need is a saw and a drill. The Kreg Jig uses straight 90 degree cuts and will create perfect joints from wood 0.5 inch thick up to 1.5 inches thick. As seen on and, all you have to do is set your two pieces in the Kreg Jig, measure the depth of your pocket hole with the calibrated guide, and drill your hole with the included Kreg drill bit, which drills the screw pocket hole and guide hole at the exact same time. You even get Kreg's hardened industrial steel self-tapping screws, complete with square drive heads so there's no stripping. Forget tediously lining up dowels and biscuits, stop messing up your projects with sloppy glueing and clamping, and save time and money with the Kreg Jig system. Use the links below to find the best offer on Kreg Jig®.
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