Mighty Fix It - Never Call It A Tape, It Is A Silicone Wrap, Ask The Marines

Mighty Fix It™ applies the secrets of the military to repair your broken home items. Believe it. Mighty Fix It might just look like a roll of duct tape or electric tape, but it is not. Instead, it is a flexible silicone wrap that creates an airtight, watertight seal in seconds. Imagine the things you can repair in your house at minimal cost to yourself. Suppose you have a leaky pipe, you can wrap Mighty Fix It around it, and as you wrap it around, it fuses to itself with no sticky adhesive. It clings to the pipe surface and holds like steel. Other things that Mighty Fix It can do: You are driving late at night, and your radiator hose has blown a leak. Mighty FixIt will seal it in seconds, and it can endure extreme hot temperatures, and extreme cold temperatures up to 75 degrees below zero. How mighty is that? Next scenario: The power cord on your valuable microwave has gotten a tear. Maybe your puppy nibbled on it when you weren’t looking. Still, you need not say, 'Adios, microwave.' Simply pull out your Mighty Fix It. It can safely repair power cords, and is rated safe for up to 8000 volts. Mighty FixIt withstands the heat to safely insulate all your wiring jobs. What a safe home you can have if you fix it with military might. Use Mighty Fix it. Use the links below to find the best offer on Mighty Fix It™.
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