Oldies But Goodies - Time Life and Bowser from Sha Na Na Present this Music CD Collection Set Featuring Classic Fifties Songs

Looking for an easy way to step back in time? How about 158 of the best, most popular rock n roll hits straight from the original artists that blast from the past right to your CD player. No need to pull out the dusty record player; this collection of restored songs that will have you smiling in remembrance is available through an 8 CD Time Life collectable series. The Oldies But Goodies set is packed full of hit music from the days of old and chances are they will sound better now than they did on the radio stations you listened to as a kid. If you miss those old Chuck Berry songs, use Great Balls of Fire as your ring tone or dreamed of marrying a girl named Peggy Sue; this ultimate timeless collection is for you! This makes a great gift for that high school pal or grandparent in your life and is an easy way to get the whole family up and dancing to the classic songs that will never go out of style. TimeLife has thought of everything and this set is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser with many of the songs you remember and some you might have even forgot. As seen on the TV infomercial with Jon 'Bowser' Bowman from Sha Na Na, Oldies but Goodies will definitely have you taking a stroll down memory lane. Use the links below to find the best offer of Time Life® Oldies But Goodies
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