Pack It - The Colorful Insulated Lunch Bag that Keeps Food Cold Up to 10 Hours!

The Pack It® insulated lunch bag is the first compact, meal-sized mini-fridge that keeps your food refrigerator-cold for as much as ten hours. It's so useful if you have children going to school because it can keep their food refreshingly fresh and cold when they are at school. You can now use this innovative insulated lunch bag to hold ice cold milk, deli meat, cheese, tuna and chicken salad, and other perishable foods to prevent them from going bad. Your children and other family members will surely like having this product because it's so handy and nice to bring along. Many ordinary lunch bags claim that they are insulated, but they can only keep food cold for just two hours because the ice packs melt. You cannot just heat up food that is not fresh because that's so unhealthy. The colorful Pack It lunch bag is so outstanding because it uses the eco save cooling technology on every side. That's why the food remains fresh and cold for so many hours. It stays five times colder than any lunch box available in the market today. It's a great companion in case you get hungry. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Pack It®.
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