Page Brite - The Reading Lamp and Page Magnifier That Makes Reading Your Book In Bed Or Any Elsewhere Easier

Page Brite™ is an extraordinary reading lamp and page magnifier because it is not one dimensional in usage but multi- dimensional. This multi faceted reading lamp this is what makes reading a book easier at night. The Page Brite's magnification process uses an optical grade lens magnifier that makes words and images look up to three times bigger than their original sizes! Whether you are in bed or slumped on a couch reading with your reading lamp lighted, this will not cause you any eye strain because you can adjust the sizes of the words and images until you find the size that is just right for you. Page Brite is the only reading lamp now that can be kept lighted for 5,000 hours. The PageBright reading lamp and magnifier is just wonderful to have around, because it is just right for reading next to your sleeping husband or wife or even studying while your roommates are fast asleep. Page Brite with its four highly powered led lights will just illuminate the material you are reading unlike other lamp lights in the market that will flood other areas of the room with bright light. Use the links below to find the best offer on Page Brite™.
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