Planet Earth DVD - Discovery Channel Documentary Television Series Shows Earth's Beauty and Wonder. Set Available in DVD and Blu Ray Disc

Planet Earth has gained a reputation for excellence as a television documentary series that took the time to present an ordered, understandable, and truly intimate look at the mysteries of this planet. It has been so well done that it became the winner of four Emmy Awards. Planet Earth has been hailed for its excellence and was called 'mesmerizingly beautiful' by USA Today. Furthermore, of the series, the New York Post said that it was 'Dramatic, moving, awesome.' Now, this wonderful Discovery Channel television classic series can be had by you. Yes, you can have your own set of this amazing documentary series, through the Planet Earth DVD™. You will be fascinated by the unknown secrets of our earth, the untold stories of the planet we live in, through three stunning Planet Earth episodes, namely, 'Pole to Pole', 'Mountains', and 'Deep Ocean'. In your home you will see the snow capped mountains and the animals that inhabit it; schools of fish and mammoth marine creatures in the oceanís depth, the roaring tigers and the white stallions. Planet Earth gives us a breathtaking look at what we may never experience first hand. But it's much more convenient and comprehensive this way, anyway. Planet Earth is also available in high definition on an HD DVD Blu Ray Disc. Use the links below to find the best deal on Planet Earth DVD™.
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