Plasma Cool - Review this Portable Air Conditioner Unit that Will Work in Any Room

Does your house have hot spots in areas too small to put a window air conditioner, or is it too costly and tedious to run new ductwork? Do you just want to escape the sweltering heat on the hottest of days no matter what room you're in? You need Plasma Cool™, the revolutionary new portable air conditioner that lets you enjoy clean, cool, comfortable air anywhere. The Plasma Cool portable air conditioner unit is the most powerful and energy efficient air conditioner that plugs into a 110 outlet - no hassles and no wiring and it packs a whopping 14,000 BTU power cooling rating. The sleek, handsome new-age styling is encased in a slim 20 inch silhouette mounted on easy-moving castors, so you can simply roll the Plasma Cool from room to room whenever you need it. All homes have hot spots and heat gain - laundry rooms and bathrooms are notorious for this. But you can keep cool from the bedroom to the living room with Plasma Cool. And unlike other portable air conditioners that have you constantly dumping water after automatic shut-offs, Plasma Cool has an innovative built-in self-evaporator. The Plasma Cool requires very little maintenance and the filter easily pulls out so you can conveniently clean it at the sink. Plus, the Plasma Cool unit comes with a remote control that lets you turn it on, adjust the temperature and even set a 24-hour shut-off time without ever having to leave your seat or the bed. Review after review agrees: No matter how hot it gets, the Plasma Cool portable air conditioner will keep you cool - any time, anywhere, in any room or garage. Use the links below to find the best offer on Plasma Cool™.
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