Portabook - Reviews Tout the Conveniece of this Portable Laptop Computer Stand/Desk

Sure, the laptop has revolutionized the way we use computers but they also have a knack for making us uncomfortable and causing stress to the back, neck, arms and wrists. Now you really can use your laptop anywhere. Whether you are sitting on the couch watching TV, in bed surfing the net or in a car or plane on a business trip it is light enough to take anywhere. Essentially the Portabook™ is a laptop stand that properly positions your laptop so you can view the monitor and use the keyboard easily and in a manner that is comfortable for you. Not only is it good for you; it is good for the laptop and protects it from overheating and has plenty of storage underneath to stash paperwork, pens or a CD. The Portabook is the desk you need for your laptop that you can use anywhere. Portabook was designed for laptop use however it is adjustable and versatile enough to be used for reading, homework or even as a recipe stand in the kitchen. Have kids who like to color in the living room? The Portabook can provide them a sturdy space to do just that and more! People who use the Portabook report rave reviews about how much better it makes their portable computing experience and chances are once you use it; you will never leave home without it again. Use the links below to find the best offer of Portabook™
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