Potty Flip - No Worry About Public Toilet Seats With These Compact Germ Free Potty Training Traveling Seats

Sometimes potty training takes time, and when you are going out on a trip with a child that has not yet mastered potty training, you can rest easy with Potty Flip™. It is portable, bio-degradable and disposable. Now the family can have a great time together. Even for boys and girls up to age five, Potty Flip is handy. It comes in a small, palm size package but at full side and when assembled can support up to 75 lbs. Now there is something clean and safe that can be easily flipped open for your toddler to potty on. Potty Flip comes in three designs that children will love. It is such a handy seat that they will think it is fun going to potty on it. Keep one in your car—it fits in the glove compartment. You can also carry one in your pocket or purse. It is great for emergencies at the beach, lakes and parks. And there is no mess or fuss disposing it. Just throw it away, and use a new potty each time. With Potty Flip you are worry free about your child using a dirty public restroom seat. How much better can it get? Who wouldn’t go for a handy, compact bio degradable disposable potty that opens in a flash and reseals with no fuss. Use the links below to find the best offer on Potty Flip™
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