Quick Loan Funding - 15 Minute Approval for Your Loan. Money from Payday Loans, Home Loans, Refi, and More. As Seen on TV Commerical/Infomercial

Quick Loan Funding are "The Quick Loan Specialists." As seen on TV, the motto of Quick Loan Funding is "You canít wait and we wonít let you!" They offer mortgages, refinancing (refi), debt consolidation, home loan programs, first time home buyer programs. In fact you could qualify for one of their home loans even if you have little or no equity in your house. And you will get your money quick because they offer the 15 minute approval; you can get the loan money in your hands in less than 3 days. You even can have bad credit and get a loan. You donít even need a FICO score. If you have a bankruptcy, liens or charge offs, judgements, or foreclosure you can still get an approval from Quick Loan Funding. They offer many loan programs such as a $100,000 loan for only $357 per month. Contact Quick Loan Funding to find out if you qualify.
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