Quillow - This Combination Blanket/Quilt and Pillow Makes an Excellent Travel Companion

The Quillow™ is a great product because you can use this blanket and pillow when you travel. It is so incredible because it converts to a warm and comfortable pillow or a blanket/quilt at any moment, depending on your preference. It is extremely easy to fold it into a blanket or pillow. This comes with a unique comfortable pouch that can keep your feet warm when the weather becomes cold. You can be assured that Quillow can keep your whole body warm. This is unlike other blankets that use a pattern with cheap coatings. Quillow is made of superb material. It has outstanding features like a soft diamond stitched up quilt fabric. This product is made of the best cotton fabrics for comfort. It blends well for that superb good feeling of warmth. With Quillow you will surely have a good night sleep. It's so flexible because you can use it while lying down on the couch or when you need to watch a game in the bleachers section. For sure you will fall in love with this blanket and pillow because it can be used for so many purposes like when you are near your fireplace or while you are sitting on a chair. This is perfect to use on plane rides, whether you use it as a pillow or a blanket. This is so portable especially when you travel. Use the links below to find the best deal on Quillow™.
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