Riddex Plus - Electric Pest Repellent Works to Control Rats, Roaches, and Other Pest without Need for a Pro Exterminator.

Is your home invaded by disgusting, unwanted pests? Do you find bugs or roaches in your cabinets or catch them scurrying across the floor - or worse, do you find rat-droppings here and there? You need Riddex Plus™, the ultimate home pest repellent and control solution. Avoid the embarrassment of your neighbors seeing pest control companies bringing chemicals through your front door with RiddexPlus, an electronic device that drives pets away with supersonic waves of digital impulses - harmless to humans, but it drives rodents and insects mad! You won't even know Riddex Plus is on, but the pests will run from your house, never to return. Ridex Plus easy to use, too - just plug it in to a standard wall, outlet, and you're done. Does Riddex Plus really work? Yes, and without dangerous poisons or chemicals -- Riddex Plus is 100% safe to be used around children and pets. And this pest repeller is so powerful and effective, just one Riddex Plus pro unit will clear pets from an entire floor of your home. Order now and you'll get a second Riddex Plus unit absolutely free! That's two for the price of one - and enough to completely rid the average two-story home of bugs, rodents, and other pests forever! Stop letting these disgusting creatures into the home where you eat, sleep, and play. Try Riddex Plus™ with this Special Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Offer from www.RiddexPlus.com.
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