Seat Wedgy - Keeps Your Car Clean, Your Things At Hand, And Your Driving Safe

Do you hate dropping coins, your cell phone, makeup, pens and other items down the side of your car seat? You grope for them and try not to be a road hazard. Or you park your car and stoop down to reach uncomfortably to find the lost item—and discover an accumulation of tiny things you have lost that way. Now there is the Seat Wedgy™. You can literally wedge the Seat Wedgy over the crevice right between your seat and the console. No need to worry about losing your keys, bank cards et al. The Seat Wedgy comes in twos, so there is one for the driver’s seat, and another for the passenger seat. You can even choose the color that matches your car best, whether black, grey and tan. Truly, there are some driving distractions that you can do without. The Seat Wedgy’s time has come. And what about when you are eating while driving? Portions of food may, without your realizing it fall right into the cracks and your car is filled with odors. But with the Seat Wedgy, you can avoid dangers on the road, keep your car clean, keep important and necessary objects within reach, and keep your fingers safe, too. The Seat Wedgy comes in a universal design that fits 97% of cars and SUVs, and can be installed in seconds. Use the links below to find the best offer on Seat Wedgy™
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