Smart Clip - Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! Hook Your Cell Phone On Your Belt, Purse, Bag or Anywhere with SmartClip.

Tired of always fumbling in your pockets or purse for your cell phone? How about the bulky, uncomfortable cell phone clip that came with it - is it always getting in your way, or worse, does it annoyingly spin or drop your phone day after day? You need Smart Clip™. Smart Clip keeps your cell phone comfortably within reach through a revolutionary peel 'n stick loop that you simply apply to the back of your cell phone and hang on anything: your hand bag or purse, your briefcase handle, your belt loop, your gym bag, a child's diaper bag, backpack and more. SmartClip is strong - strong enough to hold up to 8 pounds - yet so comfortable you won't even know it's there. But when your cell phone rings, you'll be able to instantly find it! It won't constantly spin and the loop clips safe and secure so you don't have to worry about dropping your cell phone, even if you're in a hurry. Smart Clip also comes with a handy built-in LED light you can use to read, find your keys in your purse and to help you find your car in a dark parking lot. SmartClip is easily removable, too, and it also comes with a handy adhesive hook you can peel and stick to your car dashboard for hands-free highway cell phone conversations. Or, you can clear counter space by hanging your cell or mobile phone up to charge. Order now and you'll get double your order - that's two Smart Clips with built-in LED flashlights and two adhesive hooks (so you can put one on the wall and one on the dashboard) - for one low price. Use the links below to find the best offer of the Smart Clip™.
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