Solar Max - A solar charger for oneís cell phone, iPod or MP3

People who are always using their cell phone, iPod or the like have known what itís like to suddenly run out of power. It is very inconvenient especially when it happens in the middle of an important phone call. For children, it can spell disaster if it happens in the middle of playing a favorite game.A phone charger can take care of the job, provided one can find an outlet. But now it is even easier with Solar Max™. This is a solar powered phone charger that can put your phone or iPod back into power because it is a solar charger. The Solar Max can work just about anywhere whether indoors or outdoors, and on any cell phone, even the sleek new cell phones T-Mobile recently released. An added advantage is that it has a cell charging battery back up for occasions when there is no sunlight. Solar Max will have oneís charging needs covered. One can either use the sunlight or the quick charge USB. Now one can be sure that the music they hear on their MP3 or the video games that oneís child loves will have the power it needs. Another good feature is Solar Maxís sleek, light and compact design. It is easy to carry around because it only weighs a few ounces. It can be hung in the sunlight while playing golf, by attaching it to oneís golf bag. And one need never worry if all the high-end electronics that fit in oneís hand may suddenly go dead. Use the links below to find the best offer on Solar Max™.
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