Solus Wedge - Review the Comparisons between the Utility of this Golf Club Vs. Any Other Set of Clubs

A lot of effort goes into improving your drives and your putts - but what can you do about the short game in between the tee box and the green? The Solus® Wedge is the one addition to your golf club set that will astound and amaze your friends - and you when you see your new short game courtesy of the Solus Wedge's revolutionary design. Not since the introduction of the sand wedge 70 years ago has there been a utility golf club innovation like the Solus Wedge! In Tour-tested comparisons, the Solus Wedge incorporated a patented crescent cut that repositioned the club's bounce contour - and lowered the leading edge by 1.8" vs. other modern golf clubs! Combine that with two 18-degree bounce surfaces, and your bunker shots will explode toward the green and give you bounce when you need it, none when you don't. A sole camber reduces bounce angle while the pro grind relieved heel offers superior performance from tight lies. Even better, the Solus Wedge's center of gravity is higher and positioned toward the rear of the club, giving you increased ball spin for phenomenal trajectory and distance control. If you want to improve your short game, review after review agrees -- you need the Solus Wedge. Try the Official Solus® Wedge and Get FREE Shipping and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Try the Official Solus® Wedge and Get FREE Shipping and a 100% Money Back Guarantee
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