SpongeTech - A Revolutionary Car Wash System That Waxes As It Washes

SpongeTech™ is for anyone who loves his car, whether he loves it more than his wife, or if he loves it as much as his dog. SpongeTech is also the dream of neat freaks. Because all of the above will tend to be meticulous in keeping their cars clean. Chances are, they spend hours making sure that their car is cleaned and waxed and gleaming to shining perfection. Or maybe they bring it regularly to the car wash and micromanage every detail of its cleanliness. But now with the Sponge Tech system, all that can become a thing of the past. Just imagine if you could cut washing and waxing time in half, and bring car wash expenses down to zero? SpongeTech is a car wash system that can save you money and time. Yes, you can actually speed up the process of cleaning and waxing-if you have the right equipment. The Sponge Tech equipment system lets you self-service your car, thanks to the patented soap infusion process of SpongeTech, that fills the soap and wax right into every fiber of the sponge. With each swish and swash of the sponge over your car, you are washing and waxing, half time. This is the coup d'etat of time management, and cleanliness to meet a perfectionist's standards. It is the revolutionizing way to clean from now on. Use the links below to find the best offer of SpongeTech™
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